Final exam IT Essentials v4.1

Final exam IT Essentials v4.1 1 Which power criterion will affect the number of internal drives that are installed in a computer? +5VDC output +20VDC output AC input DC output power supply voltage power supply wattage 2 A customer needs additional storage space on an older computer. What will the technician look at in the computer […]

IT A+ Cert Practice Exam 2 – IT Essentials (Version v4.1)

IT A+ Cert Practice Exam 2 – IT Essentials (Version v4.1) 1 Refer to the exhibit. In what situation would a technician use this tab? When the device will not be using the Internet. When a device is behind a firewall and software is being used that needs access to a remote network. When the […]

IT A+ Cert Practice Exam 1 – IT Essentials (Version v4.1)

IT A+ Cert Practice Exam 1 – IT Essentials (Version v4.1) 1 This is a flash item. Please click below to answer this item. 2 Which three PC desktop functions are typically provided on the front panel and must be connected to the motherboard? (Choose three.) PC power button CPU temperature indicator audio power button […]

Practice Final – IT Essentials v4.1

Practice Final – IT Essentials v4.1 1 Which two elements should typically be included in a computer security policy? (Choose two.) technical details of the biometric systems used a list of acceptable user passwords an acceptable computer usage statement for the organization details of the data file access procedures requirements necessary for data to remain confidential […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 16 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 16 Exam 1. Which two advanteges are attributed to a hardware firewall when compared to a software firewall?(chose two) It costs less because it is more efficient It does not impact the processing performance of the equipment it protects It always protects both the computer it is installed on as well as […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 15 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 15 Exam 1.A technician is trobleshoouting a networked computer. The technician has gathered as much information as possible from the user and now needs to verify obvious issues. Which two action should the technician perform? (choose two) Clear the network log files; Change the default gateway; Verify the computer IP information; Change […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 14 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 14 Exam 1 Which two items can help extend the life of an inkjet printer? (Choose two.) driver version type of ink type of operating system paper type type of print server type of cable to connect to the PC 2 Users from the art department are complaining that the inkjet printer […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 13 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 13 Exam 1 Which two sources can be used to determine the amount of currently installed RAM on a computer? (Choose two.) Add/Remove Hardware utility Administrative Tools utility POST screen System Properties dialog box Windows BIOS wizard 2 Which IEEE specification defines the FireWire standard? 1284 1294 1384 1394 3 Which statement […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 12 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 12 Exam 1 Which two operating systems can be upgraded to Windows XP Home? (Choose two.) Windows 95 Windows 3.1 Windows 98 Windows 98 SE Windows NT workstation 2 A customer using a Windows XP computer is complaining that a new card reader is not working. A technician tests the card reader […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 11 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 11 Exam 1 Which two actions should a technician take if illegal content, such as child pornography, is discovered on the hard drive of a customer computer? (Choose two.) Contact a first responder. Confront the customer immediately. Shut down the computer until authorities arrive. Document as much information as possible. Remove and […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 10 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 10 Exam 1 A user receives a phone call from a person who claims to represent IT services and then asks that user for confirmation of username and password for auditing purposes. Which security threat does this phone call represent? social engineering anonymous keylogging spam DDoS 2 Which two security precautions will […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 9 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 9 Exam 1 Which factor affects the speed of an inkjet printer? the desired quality of the image the cost of the inkjet cartridges the size of printer power supply the quality of the paper 2 What are two cables that are used to connect a computer to a printer? (Choose two.) […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 8 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 8 Exam 1 What is a good source for safely downloading Android apps? the Apple App Store iTunes freeware sites Google Play 2 What two functions can be performed with the home button on an iOS mobile device? (Choose two.) lock the device the same functions as the Android navigation buttons start […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 7 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 7 Exam 1 Which two statements are true of a laptop CPU when compared to a desktop CPU? (Choose two.) The laptops consume more power. The laptop CPUs are interchangeable with desktop CPUs. The laptops are designed to produce less heat. The laptops operate at higher clock speeds. The laptops use smaller […]

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 6 Exam

IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 6 Exam 1. Which network device makes forwarding decisions based on the destination MAC address that is contained in the frame? repeater hub switch router 2 A customer is considering a multipurpose device to create a home network. Which three devices are usually integrated into a multipurpose network device? (Choose three.) email […]